The Grasshopper Rock Experience includes vineyard visit and a vertical tasting. Advance booking only, to ensure we provide the best experience.

In a vertical tasting of Grasshopper Rock Pinot Noir we look at different vintages of the same wine. This emphasizes differences between various vintages from the first vintage in 2006 from three year old vines through to the 2015 vintage from 12 year old vines. This is a fantastic learning experience that is rarely available.

Each tasting will include the 2006 vintage and the 2015 vintage plus five randomly selected vintages from 2007 to 2014.

Tasting is limited to a maximum of four people per visit and costs $100 per person.

Bookings are made online below. We partner with Eventbrite.

Payment is by Visa or Mastercard. We will email confirmation of your booking and directions to the vineyard.

There are critical times of the year when we may be unable to provide a tasting. If this situation arises we will call you and attempt to find a suitable day.

Visitor feedback

"The vertical tasting allowed me to get a feeling for the different vintages, conditions and different winemaking approaches. It was a very interesting visit, I enjoyed it very much. I have visited many wineries around the world in the last weeks, I can honestly say this was one of the best visits."
- Erik, Germany

"We had an absolutely fantastic afternoon with Mike tasting your wines - it will be our most memorable experience of our visit to the Otago area. I loved the vertical tasting, trying the variety of vintages & seeing how all of the different variables affect the final taste of the wine from year to year. I honestly can't really think of a way that the experience could have been improved. I felt very privileged to have the opportunity for such an in-depth chat with an industry professional. Here's to Grasshopper Rock & the next vintage!"
- Emma Sinclair

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