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You are signing up for a regular supply of Grasshopper Rock, Earnscleugh Vineyard, Pinot Noir. 

Any other wines we may sell, such as pinot gris and rosé, are not part of Club deliveries.

For Australia and USA, go to  "Club sign up - Aus/USA" 

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Thank you for your submission. We will be in contact by email within 24 hours.

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Guaranteed supply.

Guaranteed Club savings.

A minimum of one delivery per year.

  • 12 bottles Pinot Noir: $408.00 (15% saving). $34.00 per bottle. Free delivery.
  • 6 bottles Pinot Noir: $204.00 (15% saving). $34.00 per bottle. Free delivery.
  • 3 bottles Pinot Noir:  $102.00 (15% saving). $34.00 per bottle. Free delivery.

Additional purchases of current vintage pinot noir are at the Club price.

Prices are quoted and charged in NZD. 

Grasshopper Rock reserves the right to review prices at anytime.

Why join the Grasshopper Rock Club?

It makes life easier and more fun.

Save 15% by joining the Club. 

We deliver your selected case size (12, 6 or 3 bottles) every 12 months or more frequently to suit you. We guarantee to make every new vintage available to you.  

Club members receive priority access to special offers such as our library wines and annual magnum releases.


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