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Why join the Grasshopper Rock Club?

It makes life easier and more fun.

Receive discounts by buying direct from us and receive a further 15% discount by signing up to the Club. 

We deliver a case of the new Grasshopper Rock vintage each year around April. Order more cases of the same vintage and we will apply the same 15% discount.

Our tiny 7.8 hectare vineyard is becoming one of New Zealand's great vineyards and can only produce 4,000 cases (48,000 bottles) of Grasshopper Rock Pinot Noir. That’s only 4,000 customers from all over the world receiving one case per year. You don’t want to be last.


  1. Guaranteed supply
  2. Guaranteed 15% Club discount

Grasshopper Rock Club:

  • One case per year minimum delivery.
  • Current prices:
    • New Zealand: $357 per 12 bottle case ($29.75/bottle)
    • Australia: $446.25 per 15 bottle case ($29.75/bottle) plus $125 shipping 
    • USA: $446.25 per 15 bottle case ($29.75/bottle) plus $225 shipping 
  • Current vintage delivery on sign up and the next vintage delivery in April.
  • Current vintage is 2017. 
  • Additional purchases can be made at the Club price.

Note: Price is NZD. NZ delivery is free. International shipping is additional.
Grasshopper Rock reserves the right to review prices at anytime.


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