Why join the Grasshopper Rock Club?

The Club has been running since 2014 and membership continues to grow. Most members originally bought Grasshopper Rock online but soon decided the wine was consistently so good and such exceptional value it was easiest to have a case (or more) of each vintage delivered automatically every year.

Our tiny 7.8 hectare vineyard is becoming one of New Zealand's great single vineyards and will only produce up to 4,000 cases (48,000 bottles) of Grasshopper Rock Pinot Noir. If you have seen the site you will understand we cannot plant more vines and produce more wine, so the 4,000 cases per year is the limit.

Every year international demand grows. Our recent new markets include Thailand, South Korea and South Africa. In addition airlines such as Emirates and Air New Zealand are buying Grasshopper Rock to serve to their business class customers.

Members are guaranteed supply

Not only is international demand increasing but the seasonal nature of grape growing means some years we will produce less than 4,000 cases. Club member allocations are given first priority. We have Club members in NZ, Australia, USA and Europe.


  1. Guaranteed supply
  2. Guaranteed Club discount
  3. Payment by credit card
Grasshopper Rock Club:
  • One or more cases per year.
  • Current prices:
    • New Zealand: $330 per 12 bottle case ($27.50/bottle)
    • Australia: $575 per 15 bottle case (38.33/bottle)
    • USA: $675 per 15 bottle case ($45.00/bottle)
  • You select number of cases per year.
  • First delivery on sign up and following deliveries 12, 6 or 4 monthlydepending on number of cases and personal preferences.
  • Current vintage is 2015. New vintage delivered each year.
Note: Price is NZD and includes shipping and any taxes. Grasshopper Rock reserves the right to review prices at anytime.

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