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One of New Zealand's greatest pinot noir producers.

Some of New Zealand's greatest pinot noir producers are some of the smallest . Modest in size but not in standing.

At my recent wine course, I was shocked that no one had heard of Bell Hill, Kusada or Grasshopper Rock - three of this country's top pinot noir producers. That's like a wine enthusiast who has never heard of Morgan, a gourmand who didn't know about El Bulli restaurant (now closed) or and New Zealand artist who didn't recognise the name Toss Woollaston. Admittedly, the winemakers are all relatively small producers but if you seriously love pinot noir, there's no excuse.

Grasshopper Rock is the largest of the three winemakers, with a relatively small 7.8 ha of vines in Earnscleugh, Central Otago. It is a pinot noir specialist on a carefully chosen site. The label is owned by five families who admit it was brave for a small group of people to establish a new vineyard in virgin land, but they have built a reputation as a world-class pinot noir producer. Their wine have steadily grown in stature since the first commercial release in 2006.

A quote from Air New Zealand's Koru magazine (August 2020) article by Bob Campbell MW. 


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