Open That Bottle Night - 25 Feb

At Grasshopper Rock we are big fans of the annual Open That Bottle Night

Open That Bottle Night is the one day of the year to make sure you open that bottle.

That bottle is the one you have saved, been given, or carefully purchased for a special occasion but still haven’t opened. The last Saturday in February is the day. This year it is the 25th of February.

Time slips by and the special occasion maybe hasn’t arrived or maybe you forgot about that bottle.

That bottle may be a special wine you love but only have a one or very few of. That bottle may be a wine you have never tried but have set aside for a special occasion.

If you have only one special bottle or many special bottles in a cellar, there is always a risk bottles may end up past their best before you finally open that bottle.

Maybe the occasion doesn’t feel significant enough to break out that bottle. That may be just the prompt you need to open a special bottle to make the occasion that little bit more memorable.

Wine is, after all, about people, place, and occasion.

Open That Bottle Night was conceived by inspirational wine writer Dorothy J Gaiter and her husband, John Brecher, to provide a reason to open and enjoy a wine you have stored away for a special occasion which never arrived. The day is always the last Saturday in February.

At Grasshopper Rock we are big fans of the annual Open That Bottle Night.

Aged Grasshopper Rock always has something extra special about it, aging with grace and harmony. Each year more history and more stories have passed since the vintage date.

All our wine is bottled under screw cap which means we see a more reliable and consistent evolution in the wine with age than is achieved under cork. That means when you open that bottle you have saved, you don’t have to hope it is a good bottle amongst those that have passed their best due to oxidation or premature aging as can happen under cork closures.

Our six vintages pack of Grasshopper Rock Central Otago Pinot Noir offers some special wine for Open That Bottle Night. All wines have been stored in excellent conditions at the winery where they were made.

Join us for Open That Bottle Night with your choice of wine. See our online shop for the six vintages pack of Grasshopper Rock Pinot Noir.


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