2014 grape harvest

The weather this 2013/14 season has not been altogether normal. We had a great spring and flowering followed by temperatures well below average in January. February and March were more typical ripening weather although a little drier than normal with low rainfall and drying winds.

April was  little weird with virtually no frosts, relatively warm nights and less hot days than a normal April. The grapes ripened nice and slowly and achieved maximum flavour at slightly lower sugar levels and lower acidity (low TA) than most years.

Bunches sizes are the smallest they have been since 2010 vintage. Everything points to 2014 producing some excellent wine.
All grapes are picked by hand with around 25 pickers harvesting approx 10T per day and the last grapes were picked on 23 April. Picking this year was executed very efficiently with an excellent team. Good work in the vineyard over the growing season meant bunches were well presented and pickers could focus on snipping bunches from the vine with little need to untangle or check bunches. 

The photos are from day one (14 April) through harvesting and on to a slightly industrial looking delivery at VinPro for processing into wine. 

Some basic stats: Each tonne produces around 650 L of juice which produces approx 900 bottles. Each blue bin holds about 400 kg. We will leave the maths to you. It does vary a little year to year depending on average berry size. 


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