2022 vintage update

May 5, 2022
2022 was the most enjoyable harvest for many years with no weather pressure and perfectly clean and ripe pinot noir grapes. Everyone is excited about the 2022 vintage. The vintage was slightly warmer than average. 972 growing degree days versus our average of 942. However, a...
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2020 vintage

April 9, 2020
SummaryThe 2020 was one of the more difficult vintages due to the cold weather and the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Spring started normally but weather events turned against us. An unusual atmospheric phenomenon known as Sudden Stratospheric Warming turned everything upside d...
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2019 vintage

April 15, 2019

Another excellent vintage

2019 vintage season was overall a warm year but started with hard frosts in September and October and ended with hard frosts in early April.  The 13 October frost during budburst was particularly hard but the vines were well protected from damage by our sprinkler frost ...
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2018 vintage

February 19, 2018
Summary.  An interesting and very successful season. 2017/18 was our most extreme season yet. Serious frosts in the weeks before budburst followed by unprecedented heat mid-season and finishing with a -5° C frost in mid-April. Not every year thanks! One of the hottest ...
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2017 vintage

May 3, 2017
2017 was the coolest vintage for at least 15 years. The unusually warm September was followed by a good October and then a period of below average temperatures through until late February. Fortunately flowering was good but the cooler weather during berry development meant ...
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2016 Vintage Season

March 21, 2016
Summary: The strong El Nino produced more cool south and southwest weather than normal in the spring and early summer. Fortunately the weather was fine during flowering and fruit set was good. The cool spring meant bunches were a little smaller than recent years, which is ...
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