Should the NZ wine industry care about the Government’s dithering on biodiesel?

For me the answer is an emphatic YES.

Great brands have distance from their competitors and it will take more than just making great wine to achieve this. How we grow wine needs to be part of the brand story.

One of the most visible operations in most vineyards is tractors. Tractors for mowing, spraying, leaf plucking, trimming, harvesting and pruning. Some vineyards do all these and more and some do less depending on grape variety, location and economics.

We would like to run our tractors on biodiesel because we care about the environment but our Government’s dithering is stopping us.

It seems unbelievable to me that in this country we have at least one major oil company keen to distribute biodiesel, we have companies trying to differentiate themselves in international markets and the Government can’t make a decision to give biodiesel a long term future. In the meantime our biodiesel plant capable of producing 20 Million litres per year sits idle.

Biodiesel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% compared to the fossil fuel version.

To read more see:
New Zealand Food Technology magazine
Ecodiesel’s submission to the Green Growth Advisory Group

To do something positive speak up and show you care.

Phil Handford

Disclosure: Phil Handford is a shareholder and director of Ecodiesel Ltd and Grasshopper Rock. Grasshopper Rock is not a shareholder in Ecodiesel.


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