The ferment – 11 May 2012

Excellent and very are words not often used at this stage of the ferment and when a winemaker sounds this excited it says a lot about the 2012 Pinot. Normally interpreting winemaker’s comments is akin to interpreting the comments of the Reserve Bank Governor, but I think we are getting a clear signal here.

Pete Bartle, our winemaker, gives us a hint on how things are looking as of today (11 May).

Pete’s winemaking philosophy is that most of the work is done before the fruit arrives at the winery and it is his job to coerce the best out of the grapes the vineyard has produced and to make wines with poise, texture and balance.

These are early thoughts from Pete and we are a long way from finished wine but when we get it right in the vineyard it certainly makes the outcome more predictable.

“The 2012 Grasshopper Rock is looking pretty smart at this early stage. The fruit came in excellent condition. Some of the wine is in barrel already with most of it still sitting on skins waiting to be pressed off. There is plenty of colour with good structure and flavour intensity to the wines already. If these early impressions come though in the finished wine it should be a very good one.” – Pete Bartle, Winemaker.


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