E’Sensual Pinot Central 2012

Immersion in Central Otago Pinot Noir for four days delivered a huge eye-opener for international guests hosted by Central Otago Pinot Noir Ltd.

Influential wine buyers and sommeliers from some of the top establishments joined us to explore the wines, the vineyards, the sub-regions and understand the people who make it all happen. It was not all work – curling, a Central Otago tradition, was a highlight.

It is a great opportunity to build relationships with existing contacts like Juliana from Wine Tastes (Queenstown) and Ian from Scenic Cellars (Taupo) who represent the very best of NZ wine stores. And to meet some passionate Australian sommeliers who already know or list Grasshopper Rock, like Josh from Star Casino, Sydney and Jackson from Transport, Melbourne. From Hong Kong, Rebecca and Hugo have huge wine knowledge and are keen to see more Central Otago Pinot Noir available to their customers. Two special guest this year were Khan Cha (Thailand Best Sommelier 2011) and Jan Rosborn from Sweden. There were more at least equally famous guests and they are all exposed in the group photo below. Who do you think ate the most Fergburgers?

Photo shoot at Two Paddocks following tasting of Alexandra sub-region 2010 vintage Pinot Noir – including Grasshopper Rock, Two Paddocks and Three Miners -all estate grown in Earnscleugh. Sam Neill, Two Paddocks centre.

Some thoughts (mostly from the guests):

Central Otago winegrowers are an enthusiastic bunch.
Remember by visitors for their comradeship and hospitality.
The mountains, the adventure, the passion and the sub-regions,
are a massive eye-opener for many.
Central Otago Pinot Noir is now showing layers of complexity.
Sub-regions and styles are subtly evolving and becoming clearer.
An intellectual challenge! – where does each winegrower, vineyard and wine sit in the pantheon?
Is it time for sommeliers to rearrange wine lists into Central Otago sub-regions?
Or is it too early to be so confident?
It is incredibly exciting to participate in the evolution of this great winegrowing region.

Curling at Naseby – somehow our team came last!
(but the Chiefs made the Super Rugby final and hey, that looks like one of our stones in the centre ring)

Thanks to everyone involved


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