New to buying online

Purchasing Grasshopper Rock online is a simple process. The following steps will show you how the shop looks and the pages you will progress through to complete your order. Decide what to buy, add it to your cart or go straight to checkout, complete your delivery details, complete payment details and its done. We take care of the rest. We will email you immediate confirmation of your order and we will contact you again when the order is shipped. We process Visa and Mastercard. If you want to pay by direct credit please email us via the contact us form.

Open the shop page or click any of the Buy Online Now buttons on our pages

Select items in the shop eg. 12 bottle case. Either add to basket or take the item straight to checkout
Next step - Checkout. Select number of items here. Then click "go to checkout"
Next step - complete delivery details. You will need to complete "State/Region" and read and tick boxes. Then click "continue"
The confirmation page will open showing you the delivery and order details. If you need to edit anything you can click "Edit Details". When you are okay to proceed click "checkout"
This takes you to the payment checkout page. This is a secure payments page operated by our payments provider DPS Payment Express. Complete the details as required. You will need the three digit security number printed on the back of the card beside your signature. When all done click "submit".
A "payment complete" page will pop up like this. From here you click "next" and will be returned to the shop page of our website and our website menu.
Back at Grasshopper Rock shop and menu


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