Vintage harvest date maps

The following images show the picking sequence for vintages 2017 to 2008. The vineyard is dedicated exclusively to pinot noir and is planted in six blocks. Within these blocks are six pinot noir clones plus a range of different root stocks. Each combination of rootstock, clone and site has different maturity dates and this shows in the harvest dates.

The blocks beside the road are lighter soils with more drought tolerant rootstock and the blocks at the back on the foot of the hill are on heavier soils. All soils are a mix sandy stony loam and very free draining. In these images you can see the rocky shelves on the hill at the back of the vineyard which run down and continue under the vineyard

All grapes are harvested by hand and the picking sequence is decided after walking through blocks and tasting grapes and inspecting the condition of the fruit.

The notations on the map are date eg 22 Apr and clone eg UCD 5, Abel, 114, 115, 667, 777.
The brix (sugar %), pH (acidity) and TA (Total Acid - Tartaric and Malic acids) are the average of grapes at harvest.


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