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Save 15% by joining the Grasshopper Club

  • We deliver 12, 6 or 3 bottles of Grasshopper Rock Pinot Noir at your selected frequency.

  • 15% saving on all re-orders of current vintage pinot noir*.

  • Club members receive priority on special offers, such as library wines and annual magnum release.

      *current vintage is the 2019 vintage

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Free delivery:

  • 12 bottles Pinot Noir: $428.40 (15% saving).  
  • 6 bottles Pinot Noir: $214.20 (15% saving).  
  • 3 bottles Pinot Noir:  $107.10 (15% saving). 

Additional purchases of current vintage Pinot Noir are at the Club price.

Grasshopper Rock reserves the right to review prices at any time.

Australia and USA customers please contact us for a shipping price.

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