BVS - Biodegradable Vineyard Supplies

BVS is an initiative of Grasshopper Rock which aims to supply biodegradable vineyard materials for a sustainable future.

Grasshopper Rock has been using biodegradable vine tying twine for the past three years. The tying material and tying action overcomes unsustainable vineyard practices.

Grasshopper Rock is pleased to be working with LIGAPAL of Champagne, France, as the exclusive New Zealand reseller of LIGAPAL products.

LIGAPAL vine twine

Our LIGAPAL vine twine is 100% biodegradable and safe to use in the workplace.

Biodegradable paper and wire vine twine is the solution to rid New Zealand's vineyards of unsustainable nylon vine tying material and eliminate repetitive strain injuries (RSI) from hand twisting pre-cut vine ties.

Vine Binder - hand tool

Vine twine is applied with the Vine Binder tool. See video.

Efficient and economic:
The LIGAPAL vine binder is easy to use. The simplicity of its design allows a good grip. It is an efficient and fast tool. 

Robust and ergonomic:
The LIGAPAL vine binder is a robust tried and tested tool. This is the binder most widely used in France. 

Nylon ties are not sustainable

The increase in the use of non-biodegradable nylon tying material in vineyards is unsustainable. 

Nylon ties are being applied every year to hold the next season's canes in place. During winter pruning, last year's nylon ties fall to the ground and become lost in the under-vine area. 

Nylon is a type of plastic derived from crude oil. No form of nylon is biodegradable and it will therefore sit in the soil for hundreds of years. Imagine how our vineyards will look after 100 years of current practices. 

RSI with pre-cut ties

The repetitive action of hand twisting pre-cut ties has led to work place injuries. Many vineyards have now moved away from pre-cut ties to avoid RSI and have moved to the unsustainable use of nylon ties. Nylon replaces one problem with another sustainability problem.

A reel of biodegradable LIGAPAL vine twine and our Vine Binder hand tool is the solution.

Advantages of using LIGAPAL vine twine and binder tool

  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable twine.
  • Sustainable for workers. Easy to use and avoids wrist strain and RSI.
  • Cost effective. All diameter of vine shoots can be tied.
  • Robust.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Reliable mechanism.
  • The most widely used vine binding tool in France.

How to order

We recommend ordering early for 2022 pruning. Please submit the form to express your interest and we will be back in contact the next working day.

What quantity will you need? 

As a guide, one reel of twine is 230 metres and will do 1277 ties. 

Tying twine is sold in boxes of 36 reels. Price $15.50 +GST per reel.

Vine binder tools are $50.00 +GST each. They will pretty much last for ever.

These are 2022 prices.

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Thank you. We aim to be back in contact on next business day.


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