On an autumn day in Central Otago the air is crisp and clear and the colours vibrant. It is the ideal time to be airborne and capture some views of Grasshopper Rock. Our friend Roger Bennett captured these images while out on a CAA approved flight.  I will point out the...
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2020 vintage

April 9, 2020
SummaryThe 2020 was one of the more difficult vintages due to the cold weather and the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Spring started normally but weather events turned against us. An unusual atmospheric phenomenon known as Sudden Stratospheric Warming turned everything upside d...
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A thunderstorm on 16 November released small marble sized (10+mm) hail onto Grasshopper Rock damaging young shoots and florets. Fortunately, the outcome is only light damage and long term effect negligible. Hail of this severity is not something we have experienced before. ...
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